El Sobrante Christian School, a department of Central Assembly Church, was founded in 1971.

ESCS is accredited through Western Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges

and through The Association of Christian Schools International.

Accreditation is a self study process which encompasses the entire scope

of the school’s curriculum, policies, and procedures.

Accreditation involves input from

the teaching staff, school board, parents, students, and administration.   

ESCS integrates a strong Biblical Christian World view into everything we teach. 

From music class to math, God is the center. 

We believe that God's word is the source of all truth

and should be the foundation from which Christian Education begins.


Each child is a unique individual before God. 

The responsibility for his/her growth and care lies with the home. 

El Sobrante Christian School seeks to aid the parent in this role. 

As such, we are partners in your child’s education.

Communication is vital to making this partnership work. 

A climate of mutual trust and support is essential

for your child’s success at El Sobrante Christian School. 


We exist to provide a place where students are challenged to achieve academic excellence in a Biblically-based learning environment. 

We are committed to reinforcing

Christ centered values in all that we do, 

thus enabling our students to impact their families and the community through service for Christ.


The vision of El Sobrante Christian School is

to impact the community by producing

individuals whose lives exemplify

Biblical insight, moral integrity,

and academic excellence.


That the Scripture is recognized as the revealed Word of God and is taught as truth.

That a rigorous process of integration of faith and learning in all academic disciplines is maintained.

That a Christian administration, faculty and staff model Christ in teaching and leading.

That high academic standards are maintained and continually evaluated.

That the curriculum and other programs are of high quality

and use a variety of sources for maximum learning.

That all people are created in the image of God

and are called to follow Christ’s example to serve one another.