Q: Why is a Christian education important? Can't I send my student to a public school for free?

A: Of course you can, but "free" isn't always the best deal available. ESCS is distinctive in its passion, drive, and vision to develop whole students-- not just graduate them.

Q: How many Students are at ESCS?

A: Our elementary campus has 165 students, junior high campus has 55 students, and our high school campus has 45 students.

Q: What is the student to teacher ratio at ESCS?

A: We maintain a 24:1 ratio on the elementary campus. On the junior high and high shool campus we average a 16:1 ratio.

Q: Does ESCS High School offer AP classes?

A: We currently offer AP US History and AP English. For specialized interests, we have a partnership to offer dozens of online AP classes to customize your interests.

Q: Wait, ESCS has an online program?

A: Yes, we do! ESCS has built a partnership with Seven Star Acadamy, an online program so our students can pursue classes that wouldn't normally be offered in a traditional setting. For instance, we have students enrolled in latin and church history (and getting college credit for it, too!).

Q: Does ESCS require uniforms?

A: Yes, we require uniforms for all grades. For more information, you can take a look at our Junior High Handbook or High School Handbook.

Q: Is ESCS accredited?

A: Yes! We are accredited by both WASC and ACSI. You can read more about what accreditation is on our Philosophy & Foundations page.